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Cover of "Golden Eagle".

"Dawn, this is Golden Eagle" - listening to Soviet cosmonauts and secret satellites by radio.

If you want to read about another person’s obsession this is a book for you. It recounts how I and a band of friends in Sweden and abroad listened to signals from satellites from the secretive Soviet Un-ion and other nations throughout the Cold War years and beyond. You will read about how we kept a watch on cosmonauts and secret satellites using simple equipment – always on ”the trailing edge of technology”.

Richard Flagg, Robert Christy and Mark Severance have contributed chapters that provide their per-spective on our common obsession. We were all part of the Kettering Group of satellite trackers led by the legendary Geoff Perry.

222 pages full of riveting tales about signals from space, technical details, even orbital mechanics equations.

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Tracking the inter-satellite link on 400.55 MHz between Sweden's Prisma satellites.