The CZ-2C blockhouse at JSLC


This building is the entrance to the underground blockhouse of the launch pad of CZ-2C. In this building are located areas where workers change clothes and shoes for working in the underground rooms. A staircase on the left side of the building leads to the undergound bunker.

A soldier watches the entrance

This is a view of the Swedish blockhouse control room as seen on a CCTV monitor in the Swedish launch pad office. The rack on the right contained a checkout computer that ran automated tests of the Freja spacecraft through the umbilical cable running up to the rocket.

In the Swedish control room for Freja in the blockhouse we could see a view of the "piggyback cabin" pf the launch vehicle. Here one also sees a glimpse of the FSW-1 and the open doors to the guidance section of the second stage of the CZ-2C. The launch tower platforms still surround the launch vehicle. (Please note the date of the picture: 6 October 1992)

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