Moscow space sightseeing

Some pictures from visits to space history attractions in the Moscow area 25 May- 1 June 2008.

Sven Grahn

At Korolev's desk in the Energia Museum - I felt like taking big decisions!

The Korolev memorial hall at the Energia museum - a shrine.

Energia started making vacuum cleaners in the 90's.

It was a big piece of hardware - Luna-2, not me!

Gagarin's capsule - is there a more valuable space history artifact?

Mission Control in Korolev - TsUP

The Tsiolkovsky, Gagarin, Korolev mural in TsUP.

Outside TsUP.

Entrance to the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

The Swedish-built 18-meter centrifuge at TsUP.

Full-scale ISS mock-ups for the underwater EVA tank at TsUP.

Mstislav Keldysh's office at the Academy of Sciences, now a museum.

Humourous notes about various analytical feats by the Keldysh Institute,
in this case the double-dip re-entry of the Zond spacecraft.

The famous picture taken at Simeiz in October 1959 on the occasion
of the circumnavigation of the Moon by Luna-3.

Gift from the British Interplanetary Society to the Academy of Sciences
on the occasion of the first soft-landing on the Moon.

Close-up of the text.

Korolev's house at 1-Ostankhinskaya Ulitsa, d. 28, now a musuem.

Opening hours and phone number.

The Vostok booster is still in place outside what used to be the
Cosmos Pavillion at the VDNKh 
(Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy)

Inside there is now a flower and garden market.
Sic transit gloria mundi!





























































































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