Fifth generation reconnaisance satellites

The first satellite of this kind was probably Kosmos 1426, launched on 28 December 1982 in a 209-356 km orbit at i=50.5o. The basic platform is extremely similar to that of the Resurs-Spektr-V and Resurs-Spektr-R1 satellite projects revealed by Rusain space organizations. Pictures of these conceptual satellites can be found in "Europe & Asia in Space, 1993-1994" by the Kaman Sciences Corporation for the US Air Force Phillips Laboratory, pp 220-221.

In a brochure published by the CSDB design bureau in 1999 a satellite called Resurs DK-1 is depicted. It bears as triking resemblance to the sketch above which comes from the Kozlov book. Click on the image to see the Russian original.

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