Swedish Starfighter Experiment Picture Gallery

Two key persons in the Swedish Starfighter experiment:
From the left: Professor Hasse Fredriksson (Royal Institute of Technology), Rolf Jönsson (SSC project manager)
The device on the table on the far left is a metal processing furnace flown on sounding rockets. The picture was
taken at Swedish Space Corporation's first premises in the Stockholm region at Tritonvägen 27, Solna, Sweden.

Hamid Shahani, professor Fredriksson's graduate student who won his doctor's degree from the Starfighter flight.
The picture was taken att SSC's lab in Solna, Sweden.

An early set-up of the Starfighter experiment at SSC's lab in Solna. The lead-acid cells were replaced at Dryden

The inside of the experiment test cell. The "lamp" is included to illuminte the samples during photography.
In the leftmost spare sample a milled extrusion for the halogen lamp filament heater can be seen.

From the left: Sven Wallin (SSC), Rolf Jönsson (SSC), and Hamid Shahani working on the experiment at the Dryden Flight Research Facility.

Merle Economu, NASA (left) and Sven Wallin work on the experiment at the Dryden Flight Research Facility.

Sven Wallin (SSC) shows the experiment test cell. The picture was taken in his office in November 2009.
Sorry for cutting off your picture, Sven!

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