Spaceview's 25th birthday party

I was invited by Jakob Terweij to attend the silver anniversary party of Spaceview held at the restaurant 'Anders', Jacob van Lennepkade 334 D, Amsterdam on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 2000-2200 local time. Here is my pictorial report!
The Spaceview organisation has been promoting spaceflight through exhibitions, producing space souvenirs, contributing to radio and TV reports, organising trips to space centres and institutes.


The guests are gathering

The bar, heavily frequented during the evening

Don't we all wish we could have been in that suit?

The propellant tanks of this Semyorka are drying up fast!

Christian Lardier (left) and Oleg Sokolev (Khrunichev)

Vladimir Titov (third from the left)

C van den Berg (right) and Vladimir Titov

Jakob Terweij displays his present

Vojko Kogej, space historian from Ljubljana, Slovenia

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