Antennas on the FOTON spacecraft

The picture below comes from open Russian sources. I have enlarged parts of the picture to examine the antennas that are visible. The only signals (PCM-FM) so far observed from Foton spacecraft have been transmitted on 231.5 MHz (Foton 1) and 239.5 MHz (Foton 8). The analysis below indicates that more frequencies may be used, for instance a channel in the 630-650 MHz band that is used by Mir, its modules, Zarya and the ISS Service module.

Antenna 2 looks like a dipole antenna and its length 
corresponds to 245 MHz. This could be the source of 
the 239.5 MHz telemetry signals observed.  
However, there seems to be "loading coil" in one 
branch of the dipole.

Antenna 1 is a dipole antenna and  
its length corresponds to the 
frequency 203 MHz. 

 Antenna 3 is a dipole antenna. 
Each element is 11.6 cm. This 
corresponds to 646 MHz. 

Antenna 4 looks like the 
antennas carried on Zenit
and Vostoks. They probably
operate on 61-83 MHz

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