Signals from the Briz-KM launched from Plesetsk on 15 January 2013

Sven Grahn

At 16:24:59 UT on 15 January 2013 a Rokot launch vehcile was launched from launch Complex 133 at Plesetsk. Its last stage, Briz-KM, put the three satellites Cosmos 2482, 2483, 2484 (Strela-3M/Rodnik) into orbit. They were released from Briz-KM at 1809 UT. After trying various frequencies I tuned the same frequency as that used during the GOCE launch in 2009, i.e. about 1020.615 MHz. I was tuned to that frequency at 1811 UT, when the spacecraft and the Briz-KM were almost exactly overhead in Stockholm. The waterfall spectrograms below show that the signal was fading at various frequencies as it slowly set towards the horizon. Signals were received a 1811-1822 UT. At that time all space objects were in a 1500 km circular orbit.

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