Pictures of Geoffrey E. Perry, MBE, 1927-2000



Geoff in uniform (second from the right). Picture provided by Geoff's schoolmate "Buster" Humphrey (extreme right)


My first visit to Geoff in Kettering. On the left: Geoff and his daughter Isabel in Coventry Cathedral. Above: Geoff leaving his home at 17, Southgate Drive



Geoff treating himself to an ice-cream after
a brisk walk along the foot-paths near Bude.
Easter 1971. Photo: Isabel Perry

Geoff speaking English to Magnus, our little boy. Can you see any language barrier?


Geoff wearing an astronaut's microphone headset and a space suit glove.


In the laboratory. Geoff talking to some of the boys at Kettering Boys' School while playing satellite signals.


Geoff Perry flanked by his wife Jean and daughter Isabel and surrounded by members of the
Kettering Group at the Science Museum in London on 14 December 1984
for the award of the Royal Aero Club's  Prince of Wales Trophy that Geoff is holding)


Geoff was an enthusiastic bird-spotter. Here  with my wife, Inger,
on the beach at Bude a windy day in February, 1995,
ready to scan the horizon with his binoculars.


Reproduced with permission of the Northants Evening Telegraph


18 January, 2000

This picture was taken by Jos Heyman, on the day that Geoff passed away. Jos writes: 

"You may wish to include the photo below, which was taken in Padstow on 18 Jan, lunch time. I
wanted to take a photo of the old houses in the background  as Geoff jumped into the scene causing what, I then called, visual pollution. How precious this photo is now to me personally. "

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