Preparations in Samara for launching a Foton spacecraft from Plesetsk in early September 1999

These pictures were taken by Swedish engineers in late June 1999 while installing a data system for ESA in the Russian Foton spacecraft. These pictures were taken in the CSDB assembly building in Samara. The spacecraft is due to be launched at 1800 UT on 7 September 1999. The mission of Foton 12 is described at ESA:s website .

Recoverable capsule andauxiliary battery pack under test

The TeleScience Support Unit being installed in the Foton recoverable capsule. N.B.: There are two people inside!

Swedish engineer Kjell Stegner working inside the recoverable capsule: "Feeling like Gagarin"

The retro-rocket module. Please note the single axis actuators for the small verniers. All motors are solid propellant units. The verniers have longer burn  time than the main engine.

The entire spacecraft except the retro-rocket

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