Manned Lunar flights
Early piloted spaceflights
Space Stations
Interplanetary/lunar flights
Unpiloted spacecraft
Chinese space activities

Military spacecraft
Personal memories
Swedish space history - in Swedish
Mystery satellites
Book reviews

Manned lunar flights

         The continuing enigma of Kosmos 146 and Kosmos 154 

         The N-1 launch on 21 February, 1969 (3L) 

         The N-1 launch on 3 July, 1969 (5L) 

         Target of N-1 launches and nature of 7K-L1S spacecraft 

         How to compute the launch time of a lunar probe 

         The UR-700 project 

         Mission profiles of 7K-L1 flights 

         Zond (7K-L1) cockpit layout 

Early piloted space flight


         Soviet Space Deceptions - not so many after all! 

         The flight of Sputnik-4 

         The flight of Sputnik-5, a.k.a. Korabl-Sputnik 2

         Sputnik-6 and the failure of 22 December 1960

         The flights of Korabl-Sputnik 4 and 5, the final laps to human spaceflight!

         An analysis of the flight of Vostok-1 

         The flight of Vostok-2, notes of nostalgia

         Vostok-3 and Vostok-4 and observations of their flight in radio intercepts 

         The flight of Vostok-5 and Vostok-6 as observed in radio intercepts 

         Vostok retro-fire attitude


         The flight of Voskhod-1, what a surprise!

         The Failure of Cosmos 57 

         The Voskhod-2 mission revisited 

         Voskhod-3, the source of the rumor mill of March 1966? 


         Entering Soyuz 

         Characteristics of the Soyuz attitude control system 

         An analysis of the Soyuz-1 flight.

         Did cosmonaut Andrian Nikolayev speak on shortwaves during the flight of Soyuz-3?

         The flight of Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5

         The Soyuz-6/7/8 mission and radio observations thereof

         Soyuz emergency landing zones - the "Ugol Pasadki" story 

         The IGLA radio system for rendez-vous and docking 

         The Soyuz-11 disaster 

Space stations

         Salyut-1, its origin, flights to it and radio tracking thereof

         The Almaz Space Station Program 

         Launch windows to space stations 

         The TKS ferry for the Almaz Space Station 

         The Mir-to-Salyut-7-and-back flyacross by Soyuz T-15 

         The flight of Zvezda 

Interplanetary/lunar flights

         Soviet/Russian Mars Probe Launches 

         Soviet/Russian Venus Probe Launches 

         Mission profiles of early Soviet lunar probes 

         Mission profiles of early U.S. lunar probes

         Luna 3 - the first view of the moon's far side

         The E-3 Lunar probes of 1960 

         Notes on the design and flight profile of the Luna 15-24 series 

         The E-4 project - exploding a nuclear bomb on the Moon 

         Object E - the early Soviet lunar probes. 

         Mars-3 image

         SMART-1 approach to lunar polar orbit, November 2004

Unpiloted spacecraft

         Sputnik-2, more news from distant history

         Sputnik 2 - was it really built in less than a month? 

         The veracity of early rumors about Soviet space ventures 

         Official announcement of Explorer-1 

         The Zeya satellite 

         Preparations in Samara for launching a Foton spacecraft from Plesetsk in early September 1999 

         The Quickbird-1 launch failure 

         Visual observations of launches from Plesetsk 


Chinese space activities

         China's first two satellites, or - Did it ever occur to you how similar to Telstar-1 they look? 

         The satellites launched by FB-1 

         "Launch from the desert - Memories of JSLC" 

         The flight of Shenzhou 

         The flight of Shenzhou-2 

         Shenzhou re-entry vehicle back in Beijing 

         The Shenzhou model - a close look 

         Changes at JSLC over a decade

         Shenzhou-3 notes

         Shenzhou-4 notes

         The flight Shenzhou-5

         Yang Liwei at the IAC 2004 

Military spacecraft


Personal memories

         Oberth, von Braun, Corona and me 

         The day I saw Yuri Gagarin and my 
camera jammed!

         The first rockets launched into space  
from Sweden,

         Space personalities that I have met 

         Tributes to Maxim Tarasenko, 1962-1999 

         Impressions from IAF 1999 Congress in Amsterdam 

         Gagarin memorabilia (long download time)

Mystery satellites

         Mystery satellite nr 1, March 20, 1998 

         Mystery satellite nr 2, January 19, 1999 

         Mystery satellite nr 3, October 2001 

Book reviews

         An analysis of the book Roads to Space 

         Excerpts from "Rote Orbit" 

         Tidbits from Energia 1946-1996 

         A review of the book "The Rocket Men" 

         Notes while reading "The Moon Race End Game" by P. Pesavento and C.P. Vick in Quest, Vol. 11 Nr 1 & 2


         Unusual flight paths of missiles launched from Plesetsk and Baikonur

         The unveiling of the cabin layout of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo.

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