Tidbits from the "Energia 1946-96" book

Even I, with my almost zero ability in Russian can pick out a few tidbits here and there from the "Energia 1946-96" book. Here are a few examples:

Launch times

Sputnik 2 being prepared for launch at Baikonur. [Picture
captured from TV screen by S Grahn]

Sputnik 2: 0722 Moscow Time.
[This is probably wrong and should refer to local time. In such case the launch time corresponds to 0222 UT, which matches the RAE Table of Earth satellites 0226 UT rather well. After posting this number on the Internet, Igor Lissov pointed out that the book 'Cosmodrome Baykonur in the Beginning of its Way' (Moscow, 1992), says that the launch occured at 0530:42 Moscow time, which I think should be used as the correct number. This is 0230:42 UT].

Luna 1 : 1941:25 Moscow Time, January 2, 1959

Luna 9 : 1441:37 Moscow Time, January 31, 1966

Tracking station for Luna 3

"The first image developed on the return flight from the Moon was received at a temporary measuring and control station in the Crimea - at the mountain Kochka near Simeiz (Located at 44.26 N, 33.59 E, Sven Grahn's comment)". (Page 97. Please check my very inadequate translation)

Voskhod flights beyond Voskhod 2

Spacecraft 3KV-5 Cosmos 110
Spacecraft 3KV-6 Two cosmonauts, 20 days
Spacecraft 3KV-7 Artificial gravity created with spacecraft and Block I stage.

[Of course the two latter never took pace, but here is the official Energia version of what was finally planned for the much-discussed Voskhod 3 and 4 missions.]

Soyuz radio systems

Radio telephony system "Zarya"
Telemetry RTS-9
Radar transponder "Rubin"
Command radio link DRS

R-7 radio systems

TM system "Tral"
Radar transponder "Fakel"

Tracking stations for Molniya

IP-14 Schyulkovo and IP-15, Vladivostok used for Molniya

Mass of Gamma-1 spacecraft

7320 kg

Zenit and Vostok

On page 108 of the "Energia 1946-96" book it is said that by April 1960 the draft project for the Vostok-1(1K), an experiment spaceship, Vostok-2 a photographic and electronic reconnaisance satellite and Vostok-3, a piloted spaceship had been formulated.

Well, this explains the numbering of the Vostok types and the Zenit types. I think Vostok-2 became Zenit-2 (which is equipped with a scimitar-shaped ELINT antenna, see page 98) and Vostok-3 became the 3K-series of spaceships that we know as Vostok.... . So, we could write:

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