Installing Astrid-2 on the launch vehicle

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Attaching Astrid-2 to Nadezhda

Originally both Astrid-2 and 
TUBSAT were planned to be 
launched on the 
Nadezhda, but TUBSAT has 
switched to an Indian rocket
Russian interface drawing showing how the 
separation systems are mounted on the 
interface ring 
Lifting Astrid-2 into position
Astrid-2 installed on Nadezhda-5
Gravity gradient boom of Nadezhda 
with red tags.
Astrid-2 crew poses in front of 
rocket + satellites.

Installing the nose shroud of the Kosmos-3M rocket.

Vehicle ready to receive the nose shroud
Sliding on the shroud.
Astrid-2 glimpsed through hatch
Astrid-2 visible by sticking camera 
through hatch.
Ready to be pulled out to launch pad.
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