Astrid-2 photo album

Svensk version

The Swedish microsatellite Astrid-2 was launched from Plesetsk on 10 december 1998. Here pictures from this mission have been gathered into a Web-based "photo album".

Most of these pictures were taken by members of Swedish Space Corporation's Astrid-2 team that took part in the launch campaign - Staffan Persson (project manager), Mikael Bjorklund (project engineer), and Jimmy Thorstensson (project engineer). Other pictures were taken by Goran Olsson and Sverker Christenson from the space plasma group at the Alfvén Laboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The mission and design of Astrid-2 is described at the following sites:

  • The launch campaign at Plesetsk
  • The name plaque of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
  • The mission control center at Solna, Sweden
  • Pictures and other data gathered by Astrid-2
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