Preparing Astrid-2 for launch at Plesetsk

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Unpacking and trouble-shooting a glitch

Unpacking the satellite
Interface test with the Russian hardware
Glitch on main processor board found 
during tests at Plesetsk necessitating 
complete disassembly of main avionics unit
Thermal cycling test of main 
processor board! Yes, it can be 
done in the field!
Mikael works at microscope to examine 
main processor board.
Glitch in avionics unit found and fixed, 
reassembly underway. Here Sverker winds 
up the wire booms around satellite body.

Final pre-launch assembly and checkout

Jimmy works on satellite.
Sverker warms part of satellite.
Jimmy and Mikael adjust solar  
panel deployment pyro.
Spin-up rocket (blue connector) 
with <10 grammes of propellant
Separation system seen from the 
top. This part was mounted on the 
Nadezhda satellite.
Detail of satellite. Wire boom and 
one E-field sensor. Also note 
back-wiring on solar panel.
Satellite almost ready. Charged particle  
detector on N2 purge.
A tired but happy crew has finished 
preparations. Astrid-2 is ready for mating 
with the main satellite.
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