Sven Grahn, Sollentuna, Sweden

Sound files and spectral or amplitude images of various satellite signals are provided here:

Radio signals from various satellites recorded near Stockholm, Sweden:

Soviet/Russian satellites

Reconnaisance satellites

Test flights of manned spacecraft

Manned spacecraft

Space probes

Scientific satellites

Anti-satellite test

Environmental monitoring satellites

Telecom satellites

Chinese spacecraft

US spacecraft

Other satellites

Radio signals from satellites and space vehicles from other sources

U.S. spacecraft and space vehicles

Soviet/Russian manned spacecraft

Other Soviet/Russian spacecraft


Files are provided in mp3 format. Here is how you can generate WAV-files yourself: 

  • Start your media player 
  • Start an audio editing and recording software like Adobe Audition
  • Run the mp3 file in the media player and run the audio editing software in record mode at the same time 
  • In this way you can obtain a WAV-copy of the real file. The fidelity is not the same as the original recording, but you can manipulate the WAV file, frequency analyze it etc.. 

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